Microtech Cybersecurity partner with TXOne to protect your Operational Technology environment

Minimise the impact of cyber incidents with OT-native network segmentation and definitively cover vulnerabilities in legacy and unpatched endpoints with asset shielding.

Products developed to enhance OT security for your business

Network defense for OT is essential for protecting critical assets from cyber attacks that could disrupt operations, damage equipment, or cause safety hazards. TXOne Edge helps to ensure the reliability, safety, and availability of industrial processes and infrastructure.

Portable Inspector

Portable Inspector delivers portable, installation-free security in the USB form factor.

It inspects new equipment before sending it to production, performs regular auditing and inventory management functions, and provides advanced security for out-of-band and isolated devices.

  • Installation-free – The core security inspection software is loaded on a USB device, so software installation is not required.

  • Fully Agentless – No trackable file nor log will be left on the device being inspected during the entire scanning process.

  • Intelligible LED Design – The ongoing status of the scan and its result will be communicated visually with LED lights.


EdgeIPS ensures the security of individual assets and small production zones through hassle-free transparent deployment, providing OT visibility and OT protocol filtering with the option of inline or offline functionality.

This security solution is designed specifically to fit into your network without disturbing your pre-existing configurations.

  • Micro-segmentation
  • Operational Continuity
  • OT-Centric Security Design
  • Purpose-built OT Security
  • Holistic Visibility into OT Network
  • Empowering Usability


EdgeFire is the next-generation industrial firewall specifically designed for OT environments.

It streamlines cyber defense in OT to safeguard the daily operations efficiently. With the powerful and intelligent engine equipped in EdgeFire, combating threats is made easy and reliable.

  • Purpose-built OT Security
  • Holistic Visibility into OT Network
  • Operational Continuity
  • Empowering Usability


OT operations drive business value. Cyber-Physical System downtime cost is always significant.

Instead of waiting for a threat to be identified and analysed before responding, Stellar uses Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR) to prevent all unexpected system changes before they impact the operation.

Mitigate the impact of cyber incidents within your operational technology environments with TXOne & Microtech Cybersecurity