Our team of experts provide dynamic solutions that empower your workforce and navigate intricate challenges. With an outcome-led consultancy approach, you can count on Microtech to deliver.

Welcome to Microtech Consultancy, your partner in enhancing Cybersecurity business excellence across IT and OT. Our team of dynamic experts are committed to empowering your workforce while navigating intricate challenges. Beginning with meticulous Infrastructure Analysis, we optimize the technological landscape of both IT and OT systems for maximum efficiency and robustness.

Infrastructure Analysis

A cornerstone of our comprehensive consultancy services. Our adept team meticulously dissects your systems, evaluating their robustness and efficiency. With a keen eye for detail, we unearth potential areas of improvement, providing actionable insights to elevate your technological landscape. From network assessments to performance audits, our tailored approach ensures that your infrastructure operates seamlessly, driving your business towards enhanced productivity and success.

Cyber Risk & Vulnerability Assessment


An integral facet of our all-encompassing consultancy solutions. Our seasoned experts intricately probe your digital framework, identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities. Through meticulous analysis, we offer a comprehensive view of your security landscape, enabling strategic fortification. Armed with cutting-edge tools and a vigilant approach, we empower you to proactively defend against cyber risks. Count on Microtech to shield your digital assets, ensuring uninterrupted operations and bolstered peace of mind. Your cybersecurity triumph begins with us.

Business Continuity Planning

A pivotal component of our holistic consultancy suite. Our consultants delve into your operations, crafting meticulous strategies to ensure unwavering stability in the face of adversity. From risk assessments to scenario simulations, we meticulously prepare your business for any challenge that may arise. With a resilient roadmap in place, you can navigate disruptions with confidence, safeguarding your reputation and maintaining customer trust. Rely on Microtech to fortify your continuity measures, allowing you to steer your business through uncertainties and emerge stronger on the other side.

Policy Documentation

Embark on a transformative journey with Microtech’s Policy Documentation proficiency – an essential facet of our comprehensive consultancy spectrum. Our team meticulously crafts tailored policies and guidelines that align with your business objectives and industry regulations, whether that’s CIIP, NIAF, NESA or ISO. We ensure that every aspect of your operations is documented systematically, fostering transparency and compliance. From data handling to operational procedures, our approach streamlines processes and minimises risks. Count on Microtech to provide you with a robust policy framework that not only enhances your operational efficiency but also reinforces your reputation as a trusted industry leader.

86% of companies experienced at least one successful attack

Majority of organisations in the UAE have experienced cybercrime, specifically email-based phishing attacks. 86% of companies experienced at least one successful attack, with 44% leading to direct financial losses, a new report revealed

Email impersonation attacks are up 75% in the UAE year over year

UAE companies need to tighten their security on their email servers or ensure they’re using a security-focused email provider.

Only 6% protected by endpoint security

Only 6% of organisations have 100% of their Windows devices protected by endpoint security

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